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His Name is Jacob Harris


J.J. McFarland


Wm. Francis Herlehy III



His Name is Jacob Harris - A few years ago, while doing some ancestral research, I discovered my great-great-grandfather Jacob (Jake) McFarland and his brother Lorenzo were adopted by the McFarland family when they were 11 and 12 years old. Both served with the 51st Virginia Infantry during the Civil War and both survived the war. Believing this would be a great start for a book, I began my research and learned there is much about the Civil War that is still relatively unknown to most readers. I discovered that after 1863, Confederate leaders including the Confederate Secret Service began planning subversive activities in Canada to encourage the northwest states to secede from the Union and form its own Confederacy.  I also discovered several well-known secret patriotic organizations like the Knights of the Golden Circle played critical roles in carrying out sabotage against Northern line-of-communication, transportation networks and national elections. The book describes in detail blockade activities of the Union Navy, the creation by the South of an ocean-going Naval threat against Union shipping, and the smuggling of arms from Liverpool to the Port of Charleston. .