This book, His Name is Jacob Harris, is historical fiction at its best. It approaches the subject from a different perspective than the typical subject of slavery. The historical background covers many areas that will be surprising, such as the Confederate Navy, connections to Canada and England, secret societies, and the financing of the Confederacy. All this is woven into a love story about a spy in love with two women. Along the way it gives a moving description of the families of those involved and the sacrifices they made. It is an interesting book well worth the read. Many of our families had ancestors on both sides of this conflict. This book speaks to the commitment and loss of people on the losing side.

Sharon Sinner, a descendant of Jacob McFarland on whom the character Jacob Harris is loosely based.

His Name is Jacob Harris is an accurate depiction of times during and immediately after the Civil War. Havng personally participated in fifteen Civil War reenactments at Gettysburg on Little Round Top hill, I can attest to the author’s description of the terrain and disposition of forces on the face and at the bottom of hill. More important, it well portrays the evacuation of Southern forces as they fled to their staging areas and evacuated towards Richmond. The latter part of the book which describes the difficulties facing the disheartened Southern soldiers returning home to uncertainties and a myriad of emotional decisions is particularly noteworthy.

Tony Casey, Company B, 9th Virginia Calvary, Boerne, Texas