Best-Selling Author

The Ohio State Journal serialized a number of Naylor's stories in the 1890s, including a trilogy of historical novels. They published in hardback Under Mad Anthony's Banner, the second of the trilogy to appear, in 1899. In 1901 he submitted his first manuscript for a novel, Ralph Marlowe to Saalfield Publishing Company.  The story reflected the contemporary life of the author - Naylor admitted that the story was autobiographical.  It became a best-seller and remained on The Bookman's List of Best Sellers for six months. Capitalizing on this success, Saalfields promptly printed the last of the serialized trilogy, followed by the other two, In  the Days of St. Claire and Under Mad Anthony's Banner. These were followed by The Cabin in the Big Woods, The Kentuckian, The Scalawags, and The Misadventures of Marjory. Naylorís writings have stood the test of time. As his works enter the public domain, they are being reprinted and made available to a whole new generation of readers.