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Gayle Parish’s To Keep Him Safe is now out in the hands of lots of folks. We are anxious to find out your reaction.  If you’ve finished reading the book, would you take a few minutes to leave a review.  Go to the Shop link, click on the book, then click on the Review Tab by the Description to leave your remarks.  Thank you!


PreOrders are now being accepted for the paperback version of To Keep Him Safe here on our website. The release date is October 15, 2021 and no charges will be made until then. PreOrder and receive our Birth of the Book PDF as our thank you.

To order the eBook version ($5.99), here are 3 places you can order. To receive the Birth of the Book PDF as our thank you, please email us with the name of the site where you placed the preorder.

Inaugural Newletter TIDBITS

Our inaugural issue of Turas Publishing TIDBITS has been delivered to subscribers to our site.  The first issue features our newest author, Gayle Parish, explaining about her love of reading and the beginning of her writing career.  Another article is about our first author and founder, Theresa Marie Flaherty.  Her book, The Final Test – A Biography of James Ball Naylor, was released ten years ago.  Since then Turas Publishing has added several other authors and now has 12 titles, with 2 more in the hopper.

Our September issue will feature Author Lorna J. Whisler, author of The Heptner Sisters – Wyoming Schoolteachers, who has a second book in line for release in a few months.  More information about  Gayle’s debut novel, To Keep Him Safe, and Lorna’s upcoming book, Rozet, Campbell County, Wyoming and its Homestead Families (1880 – 1949), will also be included.  Subscribe now if you haven’t already.

Death of Author McFarland

We have been working with Jerry since 2017 and published his first novel of historical fiction, His Name is Jacob Harris, in 2018. He will be missed.

Click here to read Jerry’s obituary.

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Cover Reveal

Turas Publishing is pleased to reveal the cover for Gayle Parish’s debut novel, To Keep Him Safe.  Be sure to Subscribe with your email to receive updates as we move through the publishing process to the Release Date.  While you’re here on our site, check out Gayle’s Author Page and the Book Page for more details.  Be sure to tell us what you think of the cover.  We think it’s awesome, and hope that you do, too.

Launch of New Site

Welcome to our newly redesigned WordPress website.  The challenge has been doing this all in-house while planning the launch of  To Keep Him Safe, a debut novel by author Gayle Parish. We invite you to follow our blog postings here, and to also subscribe to our newsletter, Turas Publishing Tidbits.  Subscribe to be among the first to receive our very first issue featuring Gayle Parish.  Click HERE to subscribe.

Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago, in 2011, The Final Test – A Biography of James Ball Naylor by Theresa Marie Flaherty, was released at McConnelsville, Ohio.  This was the first book published by Turas Publishing. Released at the same time was Vintage Verse, containing previously unpublished poems by the subject of her biography. It was the first in a 4-book Tribute Series to Naylor, all compiled and edited by Flaherty.  For more information about this intriguing man, check out our James Ball Naylor website … HERE.